Deliolive - Olive oil. Puts the flavor
Extra virgin olive oil is a natural product based on 100% pure olive juice

Who we are?

DeliOlive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality product line commercialized by DeliForYou S.L.

DeliForYou S.L. is focusing on the promotion of Spanish Delicatessen products outside of Spain.

Our knowledge about the local Spanish Delicatessen market gives us the opportunity to provide the final customer a premium product.

The internationalization is based on extensive business experience and close collaboration with local distributors/importers.

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History/Introduction olive oil

The olive tree, Olea Europea, was introduced onto the Iberian peninsula by Phoenicians and Greeks in about the first centuries BC. The Romans extended olive cultivation and improved oil production techniques. Oil trading -mainly by sea- played an important role in the development of the Mediterranean economy. Oils from Hispania, the largest supplier of this precious liquid, were considered to have the best quality and were normally consumed in Rome and many other parts of the empire. The Arab invasion in Spain increased olive cultivation and techniques to obtain oil were perfected. The link was so strong that the Spanish word for oil "aceite" comes from the Arabic "al-zait" which means "olive juice".

Virgin olive oil is the historical essence of the Spanish cuisine and an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Healthy and tasty, DeliOlive is a delicacy of history that we invite you to enjoy its flavor.

Spain is currently the first olive oil producing and exporting country in the world.

How is DeliOlive good for you?

Olive Oil is essential in the Mediterranean cuisine. It is ideal to prepare creamy sauces, tasty salads, fried or grilled meat and fish, as well as bringing a special touch to vegetables, legumes, pasta, rice ... and desserts. It is also the basis for a perfect breakfast

Olive oil has vitamins A, D, K and especially E. Researchers confirm that olive oil reduces the risk of heart diseases and some types of cancer. It also helps to maintain a low blood pressure and to alleviate arthritis.

To understand a little about the effort used to obtain a liter of DeliOlive Olive Oil, between 8 and 10 kg of olives (10-12% transition rate) are needed, depending on each year’s harvest.

DeliOlive means health and delicious taste.

DeliOlive stands out for its excellent quality

The DeliOlive Olive Oil is the result of the selection of fruits grown in over 3,000 hectares of olive from Jaen (Andalucía), extracted directly from olives at their optimum ripeness and obtained exclusively by mechanical procedures, using time and temperature adequate to maintain the best quality and organoleptic characteristics.

DeliOlive the finest extra virgin quality and taste of today's olive oil comes from a modern and efficient factory bottled in different sizes and bottles.

DeliOlive is produced under the close supervision of a quality department formed by highly qualified staff that selects and monitors the origin of each of the oils we pack. In our commitment to quality all our products are manufactured under the strictest standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 and certified by AENOR (ER-0355/1999) for oil production and packaging.

Superior product to reach the next level in wholesome alimentation


DeliOlive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made out of 100% picual olive variety. The most outstanding quality is their harmony, a perfect conjunction between fruity, bitter and spicy.

DeliOlive Extra Virgin Olive Oil is using only the selected very best olives that make the final product worthy of tasting!

Brand: DeliOlive

Quality: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Origin: Jaen, Andalusia, Spain

Variety: 100% pure Picual

Color: Natural yellow-green

Taste: Fruity, slight olive bitter taste

Nutrition: 80% Monosaturated fats


Our high quality Spanish Delicatessen products with a fair price-quality ratio are offered through upper level retailers and gourmet establishments, spread throughout the country, and distributed directly or through importers in different countries to which we export.

  • Additional service offer for importers on demand
  • Development of market segment specific branding
  • Marketing support in general and on POS
  • Flexibility in packaging and dimensions
  • Possibility of adapting the quality and intensity of the olive oil according to the market needs.
  • Setup of supporting logistics services

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